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Flora & Fauna
Octopuses are sea animals famous for their and eight long arms, rounded bodies, and their bulging eyes. The octopuses lives in all the earth’s oceans but are especially abundant in tropical, warm waters. Octopuses, are often considered as “the monsters of the deep,”like their cousin, the squid. Though some species, or types, occupy relatively shallow waters.

HabitatMost octopuses stay along the ocean’s floor, although some species are pelagic, which means they live near the water’s surface. While some other octopus species live in dark, deep waters, rising from below at dawn and dusk to search for food. Lobsters, crabs, and shrimps, rank among their favorite foods, though some octopuses can attack larger prey, like sharks and other big fishes. 
FeedingOctopuses typically drop down on their prey from above and, using powerful suctions that line their arms, pull their prey into their mouth. Lobsters, crabs, and shrimps, rank among their favorite foods, though some…
My Holiday
        I spent my holiday in Malang with my family there, we went to our dad's house in Malang, but the house was very empty because all dad's stuff is on the other house in Bandung, the trip to Malang was very exhausting, we went to Malang by train, the trip from Bandung to Malang was 16 hours, we went to the train station at around 1 pm and the train departure was at 3 pm, so we had to wait there at the train station for 2 hours.
        When we arrived there, we were so tired so we slept right after we arrived at dad's house in Malang, the next day we went to some theme park at Malang, but i forgot the name of the place, and so i went there and had a fun time with my family, then we returned to dad's house at night, we were tired but it was fun though.
        And then, the next day, we woke up and we prepare ourselves for the trip to the beach which is around 2 hours, when we arrived there, the beach was very beautiful, the ocean water was bright cyan colo…

holiday plan (unfinished)

Danesh : "Hi Argya." Argya : "Hi Danesh, how are you today?" Danesh : "I'm fine, how about you?" Argya : "Not bad, thanks for asking." Danesh : "By the way what's your plan for holiday this summer?"
Argya : "I don't have any plan for holiday this summer." Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Argya : " Danesh : " Arg…

my experience (unfinished)


 in this entry i will tell you readers about my experience in my life that made me very thankful
this experience made me so thankful because my expectation is so low, but in reality i got a really good score in the national examination that made got to this highschool, the 3 highschool bandung and that made me feel so thankful


Ariq : "Hi! nice to meet you what's your name?" Danesh : "Hello my name is Danesh, what's your name?" Ariq : "My name is Ariq. How are you ?" Danesh : "I'm not really good." Ariq : "Why?" Danesh : "I got bad score at math test." Ariq : "Why did you get bad score at math test? Danesh : "I didn't study last night." Ariq : "Why didn't you study?" Danesh : "Because i fell asleep and didn't study anything." Ariq : "Oh, that's too bad." Danesh : "How's your day?" Ariq : "I'm good." Danesh : "By the way, where do you live?" Ariq : "I live in jl. Sharon Garden no.6." Danesh : "Where is Sharon garden? i don't know that area." Ariq : "Sharon Garden is near to Margahayu Raya. Where do you live?" Danesh : "i live at jl. Kapten Tatanegara Husein Sastranegara complex no.G-6." Ariq : &quo…
Hello, welcome to my blog, my name is Danesh Laskhar B, i am currently 16 years old, i live in Indonesia West Java, Bandung, i was born at 11th December 2001.I liked drawing when i was at the elementary school at merdeka 5 elementary school Bandung, now ilike playing piano, although i can't, and riding my bicycle going around the town.Currently, i study at 3 Highschool Bandung, i like the plants and trees there, it makes the air at school clean and fresh, many students there are very smart and diligent.After i graduated from 3 highschool, i want to go into the institute of technology in bandung, or study at university or college overseas if i can.