my experience


 in this entry i will tell you readers about my experience in my life that made me very thankful
this experience made me so thankful because my expectation is so low, but in reality i got a really good score in the national examination that made got to this highschool, the 3 highschool bandung and that made me feel so thankful


Ariq : "Hi! nice to meet you what's your name?" Danesh : "Hello my name is Danesh, what's your name?" Ariq : "My name is Ariq. How are you ?" Danesh : "I'm not really good." Ariq : "Why?" Danesh : "I got bad score at math test." Ariq : "Why did you get bad score at math test? Danesh : "I didn't study last night." Ariq : "Why didn't you study?" Danesh : "Because i fell asleep and didn't study anything." Ariq : "Oh, that's too bad." Danesh : "How's your day?" Ariq : "I'm good." Danesh : "By the way, where do you live?" Ariq : "I live in jl. Sharon Garden no.6." Danesh : "Where is Sharon garden? i don't know that area." Ariq : "Sharon Garden is near to Margahayu Raya. Where do you live?" Danesh : "i live at jl. Kapten Tatanegara Husein Sastranegara complex no.G-6." Ariq : &quo…
Hello, welcome to my blog, my name is Danesh Laskhar B, i am 15 years old, i live in Indonesia West Java, Bandung, i was born at 11th December 2001.I liked drawing when i was at the elementary school at merdeka 5 elementary school Bandung, now ilike playing piano, although i can't, and riding my bicycle going around the town.Currently, i study at 3 Highschool Bandung, i like the plants and trees there, it makes the air at school clean and fresh, many students there are very smart and diligent.After i graduated from 3 highschool, i want to go into the institute of technology in bandung, or study at university or college overseas if i can.